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What are the points to take note when using Click to DVD Ver. 2.*?

    Points to take note when using Click to DVD Ver. 2.*.

    1. When capturing on a FAT32 partition on the hard disk and the file size of the movie being captured exceeds 4 GB, the file is automatically divided. If this occurs, the end of each clip may overlap the next clip by up to 1 second.

    2. When capturing from a digital camera using the automatic DVD creation function or edit mode, images contained in the folder inside the DCIM folder are imported in DCF file format.

    3. If the chapter name is not displayed in full, reduce the font size, or reduce the number of characters used.

    4. Depending on the environment of the computer used, there may be dropped frames or periods when nothing is displayed on the computer screen when capturing video from an analog video device. This will not affect video being captured.

    5. Close all other software before using this software. If Click to DVD is used while other software is running, the video may not be captured properly from the digital video device, or a write error may occur when creating a DVD.

    6. Always connect the AC adapter to a power outlet when creating a DVD.

    7. When dividing clips, there may be a slight audio loss at the division point.

    8. While Click to DVD is running, do not change the name of the project file folder or delete the files in the project file folder. Doing so will result in disrupting the normal operation of the software.

    9. When Click to DVD is capturing data from a removable drive or a network drive and is running, do not disconnect or turn off the drive.

    10. DVD cannot be created by video files which are located on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Copy the files to the hard disk before proceeding.