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What are the general information and restriction when using Click to DVD Ver. 2.* with VAIO Media and Server Connection?

    General information and restriction when using Click to DVD Ver. 2.* with VAIO Media and Server Connection.

    VAIO Media and Server Connection
    1. Click to DVD transmits computer specific information such as the computer name, when communicating with a server.

    2. Network interface cards supported by the VAIO Media Server are the built-in Ethernet card in the VAIO unit (100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T), wireless LAN interface card (IEEE802.11b), and Sony wireless LAN interface card (IEEE802.11a or IEEE802.11b) only.

    3. About VAIO Media Server, refer to Start -> All Programs -> VAIO Media -> Help and Read me first.

    4. When multiple clients access a server simultaneously, the communication may fail due to strain on the server. Retry after a short while to access server contents.

    Devices equipped with an Analog DV Converter
    1. If the computer is set to automatically startup a relevant software on detecting a DV device, when trying to capture an analog image using Click to DVD, the computer will detect the analog DV converter and start the registered software.
    It is recommended to disable any programs that will automatically start the software at the detection of DV devices when devices equipped with an analog DV converter are used. Also, on a device with an analog converter, if Giga Pocket is started while Click to DVD is running, images from the analog DV converter will be captured.
    The following are restrictions when the analog DV converter is operating:
    - Digital video devices cannot be identified. When capturing images from a digital video device, stop Giga Pocket before connecting a DV device.
    - Capture All function cannot be used. The operation must be performed manually when capturing images from an analog DV converter.

    2. If time on Giga Pocket is adjusted while a DV device or MICROMV device is connected, these devices will temporarily become unidentifiable. If the time is adjusted on Giga Pocket while capturing images, the capture operation will fail. Do not adjust the time on Giga Pocket while using Click to DVD.