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What are the hardware devices that Click to DVD ver. 2.* is compatible with?

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Hardware devices that Click to DVD Ver.2.* is compatible with.

The following hardware devices are compatible with Click to DVD Ver.2.*:

1. Digital Video devices and MICROMV devices:
- Only Sony DV devices and MICROMV devices are compatible with this software. Click to DVD is compatible with all Sony domestic models of Digital Video devices and MICROMV devices with digital video jacks (except tourist models) up to the end of February 2004.
- Automatic mode can be used to create DVDs from Digital Video devices or MICROMV devices. Sony DV devices and MICROMV devices that have been distributed from February 2004 are supported in Click to DVD automatic mode.

2. Sony Digital Video Camera Recorders:
- This software cannot be used with DCR-VX1000 and DCR-VX700.

3. Media Converter and Digital 8:
- Automatic mode will not operate if a media converter is connected, or during playback of an analog tape recorded by Digital 8. Please use edit mode instead.

4. WV-DR9, WV-DR7 and WV-DR5:
- When using automatic mode to create a DVD using these devices, set the channel on the digital video device to DV before starting the operation.