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How to create a bootable CD using RecordNow!?

    Creating a bootable CD using RecordNow!.

    Please refer to the following steps to create a bootable CD using RecordNow!:

    1.  Click Start, select All Programs and select Sonic.
    2.  Select RecordNow! and click RecordNow!.
    3.  Click Data and click Data Disc.
    4.  Click the bootable disc icon in the data disc toolbar.

    5.  To create a bootable CD from a floppy disk:
    A.  Insert a bootable floppy disk into the floppy drive.
    B.  Select Bootable floppy disk in drive A.
    C.  Click OK.
    D.  An image file is created from the boot floppy and is added to the File Selection window.


    6.  To create a bootable CD from an image on the hard drive:
    A.  Select Bootable image on hard drive.
    B.  Click Browse, navigate to the image file and click Add.
    C.  Click OK.

    7.  Click Add Files and Folders to add additional files to the project.
    8.  Click Burn to begin recording.

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