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How to create a CD from tracks on other audio CD using SonicStage?

    Creating a CD from tracks on other audio CD using SonicStage.

    SonicStage allow the creation of a CD by selecting tracks from multiple audio CD and writing them onto a CD-R/CD-RW media. Please refer to the following steps to create a CD from tracks on other audio CD:

    - A CD-R/CD-RW drive must be present in order to create a CD
    - If writing process is cancelled before it is completed, SonicStage or other programs may not be able to correctly read the CD-R/CD-RW media.
    - While writing is in progress, Hibernation, Standby and Screensaver timer functions of the computer are unavailable.

    1. Insert the audio CD into the CD-R/CD-RW drive.
    2. Start SonicStage, click Tools and click Backup a CD.
    3. Select the tracks to be written and click Add.
    4. To add tracks from another audio CD, insert the audio CD and repeat Step 3.
    5. When all the tracks have been added, remove the audio CD and insert a blank CD-R/CD-RW media into the CD-R/CD-RW drive.
    6. Click Start from the SonicStage toolbar.
    7. Select the writing speed and writing method and click Start Writing.
    8. Once the tracks are written to the CD-R/CD-RW media, the CD-R/CD-RW media is ejected automatically. Click OK to close the dialog box.

    Please avoid the following when writing to a CD-R/CD-RW media:
    - Using Fast-User Switching (only on Windows® XP). This could cause a writing error to occur.
    - Running any other programs or allowing any other programs to start automatically, including any currently running in the background.
    - Using a CD-R/CD-RW media with a label affixed to it. This could cause a writing error or other damage.
    - Connecting the hard disk and the CD-R/CD-RW drive to the same IDE connector.
    - Performing tasks that will put a load on the computer's Central Processing Unit or hard disk.

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