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How to create an audio CD from multiple audio CDs?

    To create an audio CD from multiple audio CDs.

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    An audio CD can be created by selecting the favorite songs from various audio CDs and write them to a CD-R/RW medium.
    Please take note of the following points before creating an audio CD.

    * For Windows® XP user, do not carry out Fast User Switching when writing data to a CD-R/RW medium.
    Doing so may cause the writing to fail sometimes.
    * Do not start any software when writing data to the CD-R/RW medium (including memory-resident programs such as Screen saver).
    * Do not press any key on the keyboard when writing data to the CD-R/RW medium.
    * Do not use a CD-R/RW medium with a label on it. Doing so may cause errors or problems in writing.
    * Do not connect the CD-R drive to the IDE connector to which the hard disk is connected.
    * Do not carry out any operation that may apply load to the Central Processing Unit and the hard disk.

    For SonicStage users, please follow the steps below:
    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> SonicStage -> SonicStage and start SonicStage.
    2. Insert an audio CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    3. On the main window, click the Recording button.
    4. On Music Source, click the CD icon and on Destination, click the CD-R/RW icon. Then, click Jump to Record Window.
    5. When the Create Audio CDs dialog box appears, click Select CD type and then click Create your original audio CDs from the list.
    6. Confirm that the drive name of Retrieve from and Write to is same as the designated drive.
    7. From the list of the songs of the audio CD, click to select the song to be written to the CD-R/RW medium .
    8. Click Start.
    9. To retrieve songs from another audio CD, replace the source audio CD with another and repeat Steps 6 to 9.
    10. When all the songs have been retrieved, remove the audio CD and insert a blank CD-R/RW medium into the drive.
    Note: This step is not required when one drive is used to retrieve the audio CD and another drive is used to write songs to a CD-R/RW medium.
    11. Click Start.
    12. When the Writing Method dialog box appears, select the writing method and writing speed to the CD-R/RW medium.
    13. Click Start Writing. Data writing to the CD-R/RW medium starts.
    14. When the writing is completed, the Writing Completed message appears. Click OK and the disc tray ejects automatically.

    To stop writing songs in the middle, please follow the steps below:
    1. In the Processing dialog box, click Stop when writing songs to a CD-R/RW medium.
    2. The writing stops and a message appears.
    3. Click OK.