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Why does the screen saver start when creating an audio CD with SonicStage Version 1.0?

    The screen saver starts when creating an audio CD with SonicStage Version 1.0 although in the Creating a custom audio CD from Playlists section of Help of the program, the following statement appears:
    While songs are being written, your computer's suspend and hibernation modes, and the screen saver do not function.

    This is a printing error in the Help file.
    When creating a CD or operating Check-in/Check-out, please disable programs such as screen saver and other programs that might interrupt the normal proccess.

    In the Backing up data to a disk section of Help, the following statement appears:
    During a backup or restoration, do not shut down the system using your computer's suspend or hibernation mode, and do not use the screen saver. Doing so may cause data loss, and backup or restore may not function properly.