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How to convert audio CDs to MP3 files using RecordNow!?

    Converting audio CDs to MP3 files using RecordNow!.

    Please refer to the following steps to convert audio CDs to MP3 files format:

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    1.  Insert an audio CD into the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive.
    2.  Click Audio and click Convert Audio CDs to MP3s.
    3.  Select the songs to be converted and click Save To. Then, browse to a location to store the MP3 files.
    4.  Click Setting and select a file format and the quality level.
    5.  Click Convert to begin converting the audio files.
    6.  Once the files have been converted, click Done to return to the audio projects list, or click Convert Another to start a new Convert Audio CDs to MP3s project.

    -  RecordNow!
    uses the LAME encorder to convert audio CDs to MP3s.
    -  If conversion of Audio CDs to MP3 files is not available with the version of RecordNow! installed, upgrade to RecordNow! Delux for this feature to be available. Click UPGRADE - Convert Audio CDs to MP3s on the Audio projects for more information.