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What to do if the Num Lock is enabled, yet the keys which contains alphabet cannot input numbers properly?

    • User cannot input numbers from the numeric keypad.
    • The beep sound comes from the computer when user presses Num Lock.

    Please confirm whether user can input the other keys except those in the numeric section or not.

    If the other keys do not work either, please confirm whether the keyboard is function well.
    Please confirm whether the indicator of Num Lock is on or not.

    If the indicator of Num Lock is off, please press Num Lock to enable Num Lock.
    Please check startup mouse keys.

    The input function of numerical keyboard will be disabled if Accessibility is started or mouse keys in Ease of Access is started. In this case, if user presses NumLock, the "beep" sound will come from the computer.
    In addition, if such function is started, the mouse icon of Accessibility will appear in the notification area..

    Reference information
    Accessibility and mouse keys in Ease of Access mean that user can control cursor with both mouse and numerical keys.
    User can control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad, and then user can use the button in numeric keypad to click or double click.

    Please disable mouse keys.
    The mouse keys settings vary for different operating systems. Please refer to the following steps.

    Windows XP
    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    2. Then click Accessibility Options, and then Accessibility Options.

    3. When Accessibility Options appears, click Mouse, and then uncheck Use Mousekeys.


    4. Click OK to apply the change.
    Windows Vista
    1. Click Start,and then click Control Panel.

    2. Click Ease of Access.

    3. Click Make the mouse easier to use in Ease of Access Center.

    4. Uncheck Turn on Mouse Keys, and then click Save to apply the change.

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