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Why can't Windows® installation be completed after a failure error occurred upon keying in the product key?

    After the installation of Windows®, an error message appears after entering the Windows® product key.

    Err Msg:
    This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If it is not shut down, report to the vendor of the program. Detail: General Protection Failure of Msgsrv32

    If this symptom occurs, check all the characters entered and the date settings in the computer.

    1. Checking the characters entered
    Alphabets should be entered in capital letters.
    * The product key does not include any small letters.

    2. Check if the Num Lock function is enabled.
    When the ten key or the ten-key function on the right of the keyboard is used.

    3. Check if any of the following characters might have been entered by mistake since they look alike.
    0 (numeric) vs. O (alphabet)
    1 (numeric) vs. I (alphabet)
    D (alphabet) vs. Q (alphabet)
    6 (numeric) vs. G (alphabet)
    V (alphabet) vs. Y (alphabet)
    8 (numeric) vs. B (alphabet)

    Due to the specifications of Windows®, some characters cannot be entered In the Windows® product key entry window (only on Windows® 98SE).

    4. Check the date set in the machine
    Check on the BIOS setup menu to see if the date set in the machine is correct.