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Check items when the computer does not accept entries from the keyboard correctly.

    The computer does not accept any entry from the keyboard.
    Characters other than entered from the keyboard are displayed. (You cannot enter certain characters.)

    Check if [Num Lock] is enabled. If you cannot enter characters such as {(0), (U), (I), (O), (P), (J), (K), (L), (M), ([ ), (;) and (/)}, [Num Lock] may be enabled. (You can check the LED status)

    If the [Num Lock] key is not enable, check the [Device Manager] tab of the [System Properties] screen, check if the keyboard is set to [Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard]. If the keyboard is set to other keyboard type, output characters of some keys are different from what you entered. In MS-DOS, check if you can enter characters correctly. If you can enter correctly, Windows (software) may cause this problem. If the symptom persists after performing the above, there may be a hardware problem. Contact the service center for repair.