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How to capture images from a MICROMV device with DVgate Plus?

    How to capture images from a MICROMV device with DVgate Plus?

    Please refer to the steps below:

    Step 1: Select a connected external device and an operation mode
    1. Click Start and then click All Programs -> DVgate Plus -> DVgate Plus.
    2. Click MICROMV and click the Still Capture tab.

    Step 2: Capture images.
    1. Click External Device Control and put the program in Pause or Play mode.
    2. Move to the position for capturing the image.
    3. Check that the image to be captured is shown and click any of the following buttons.
    A. Capture 1 button
    The frame that is displayed on the monitor becomes a candidate to be stored and appears on the Still Image Monitor.
    B. Capture 25 button
    12~13 frames before and after the clicked point becomes candidates to be stored and the first frame appears on the Still Image monitor.
    - If the videos cannot be divided halfway, all 25 images may not be captured.
    - When settings have been changed to NTSC, Capture 25 option changes to Capture 30.
    When clicking Capture 25, use the slider of Still Image Monitor and use Previous Image button or the Next Image button to select the images.

    4. Click Save, enter a file name for the image and select the given format.
    5. Select a destination folder and click Save.