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How to capture video from a DV device using DVgate Plus version 1.2.

    Capturing video from a DV device using DVgate Plus version 1.2.

    Please refer to the following to capture a video from a DV device using DVgate Plus version 1.2:

    Note: If a DV camera is used, please set it to the VTR or VCR mode when capturing or playing back video from a tape.

    1. Connect the DV device to the computer using an i.LINK cable.
    2. Turn on the DV device.
    3. Insert the tape that contains the video into the DV device.
    4. Click Start, select All Programs, select DVgate Plus and click DVgate Plus.
    5. Click Setting and click Capture.
    6. Select the file types and click OK.
    7. Click Capture.

    8. Click Browse to select the desired folder to save the video in.

    9. Enter a title for the file and click OK to begin video capturing.

    10. Click OK when the capturing of video finishes.
    11. Click Yes to confirm the displayed contents.

    11. Enter a file name and click Save.

    - When using DVgate Plus version 1.2, do not use any other software that uses the external device or other software that playback movies.
    - Do not use DVgate Plus version 1.2 while the external device is in reserve standby mode or while it is recording.
    - When recording video files from a DV device, Windows?standby functions and system standby mode are not supported.
    - MICROMV format is not compatible with DVgate Plus version 1.2.