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How do I force a V.90 connection for Xircom modems?

    I use the following Xircom modems and want to force a V.90 connection for them. How should I do it?
    - CreditCard Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56
    - CreditCard Modem 56-GlobalAccess

    To force a V.90 connection for xircom modems, please refer to the procedure below:

    1) Go to [Start]->[Settings]->[Control Panel]->[modem] and choose the driver to open [Modem Properties].
    2) Click [Advanced] in the [Connection] tab and input the following command in [Extra settings]:


    Note: If the host does not support V.90, the connection falls directly back to V.34.

    In this case, please contact Xircom support center or access the web to get further information.