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Can I operate my Set Top Box (STB) with the BRAVIA TV remote control?

Supported STB provider list for easy control with BRAVIA remote

    Depending on your broadcast service provider, you may be able to operate your Set Top Box (STB) with the BRAVIA TV remote control without connecting the optional IR Blaster cable. Below is a list of broadcast service providers that support this function.

    • This article only applies to specific products and/or operating systems. Please check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article.

    The following providers support STB operation (easy control) with BRAVIA TV remote control:

    NOTE: Depending on the model or device specifications, all or several of the remote control functions may not work, and those specifications can change without notice. For that and other reasons, in no event shall Sony be liable for the outcome.

    AUSXbox One X
    AUSFetch TV
    AUSFoxtel iQ4
    AUSFoxtel Now Box
    AUSTelstra Box
    AUSVodafone Box
    TWN中華電信 (CHT)
    TWN凱擘 (Kbro)
    TWN中嘉 (CNS)
    TWN台灣寬頻 (TWN broadband)
    TWN台固 (TFN)
    TWN台數科 (TopMSO)
    IND (SAT)DishTV
    IND (SAT)Videocon
    IND (SAT)Airtel
    IND (SAT)Reliance
    IND (SAT)Sun Direct
    IND (Cable)Hathw@y
    IND (Cable)Siti Digital
    IND (Cable)DEN
    IND (Cable)InDigital
    IND (Cable)GTPL
    IND (Cable)Digicable