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Getting Started with Android TV

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Get started with your Android TV

Three simple sections to get you up and running with your new Android TV and its smart features

Set up your TV Connect to the Internet Use your TV
01 - Set up your TV
How to safely set up and install your TV
02 - Connect to the Internet
How to connect your TV to the Internet
03 - Use your TV
How to use your TV's smart features

Software Update

Just like a phone, your TV downloads Android updates to give you new and updated features and enhanced performance. To make this happen, your TV needs to be connected to your LAN or Wi-Fi network. Updates are free.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question? We may already have an answer.

  1. How can I enable or disable the automatic updates for my TV?
  2. Why is there a power plug icon displaying on the TV?  
  3. Do I need a Google account / ID to use my Android TV?
  4. How do I pair my Touchpad remote to my Android TV?
  5. How do I install apps on my Android TV?

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