An Introduction to Photo on PlayStation® 3


A picture can paint a thousand words thanks to the PS3 system's ability to store, organise and display your digital photos.

With a 250GB/120GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) at your disposal, PlayStation®3 is the ideal home for all your photographic memories. Transfer your images from your Memory Stick, SD Memory Card or CompactFlash memory via the ports on your PS3, or connect an array of other devices - such as your PSP, digital camera, camera phone, USB drive, etc - via the relevant cable into one of the USB ports.
Once stored on the PS3 HDD, you can organise the photos into folders, view in an array of slideshows and even send to your Friends on the PlayStation®Network.
You can also access images stored on your PS3 HDD via Remote Play with your PSP. Your digital photo albums, holding years and years of memories are now literally at your fingertips.