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Where to Buy

Sony Authorized Stores

Our Sony Products are available to buy through retail stores near you. Find the nearest Sony Brand Stores or other Sony dealers in your neighbourhood.

Sony Authorized Online Stores

Our Sony products are available to buy through our authorized online partners.


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Look for the Sony Authorized Dealer Logo

At Sony, customer care begins before you even make a purchase. Whether online or retail store, we want you to have a shopping experience that meets or exceeds your expectations for Sony as one of the world's most-trusted brands. That's why we work closely with retailers who have earned the privilege to use the Sony Authorized Dealer Logo.


Why buy from the Sony Authorized Dealer?

Sony Authorized Dealer always strive to deliver excellent customer experience that helps you make the right choices. They are committed to assist in delivering quality products and service that you deserve when you buy a Sony product.

Sony warranties only when the products are purchased from authorized reseller. Purchase of Sony products from out-of-network points may pose challenges to customers. Customers may receive products that are counterfeit, used, re-conditioned ,defective or not designed to properly operate in Indian environment. We urge all our discerning customers to purchase from our authorized resellers as listed above for a truly joyful experience.

When you buy from a Sony Dealer, you'll benefit from :

  • Excellent customer care experience and can share reliable information.
  • Assistance by properly trained resource who will address your queries. promptly and efficiently.
  • Assistance in setting up your products.
  • Information on new technologies so you can be on the cutting edge.
  • Seamless co-ordination and direct access to Sony product managers and customer service representatives.
  • Current offers and latest Sony value-added promotions.
  • Standard and genuine product accessories.
  • Factory-authorized merchandise, untampered.
  • Prompt service at Sony Service Centers.

Please Note: Any Sony product purchased from an unauthorized Sony reseller may not be eligible for any of the benefits above, including manufacturer’s 1 year limited warranty.

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