Feel the Power of Hanuman


This game is a “growing up” story of Hanuman, where he starts as a powerless being and regains his powers through the game.Through out the game Hanuman (Player) meets Sadhus (Sages) and learns more about Hanuman and his powers. One day, he realizes that he (Bal Hanuman) himself is Hanuman. From there on he starts regaining his powers, one by one. He finally gets his Gadhaa (mace) which is his primary weapon. Through his Gadhaa he gains the ability to fight the Asuras & for every Asura he kills he can accumulate their life force into his Gadhaa. Hanuman has the ability to transfer this life force into the life forms (humans, trees, animals) that have been converted to stone thus bringing them back to life The life force allows him to unleash special attacks against his enemies so he has to balance the combat potency of his Gadhaa against its potential to bring back life into the stone forms. The Gadhaa can also unleash various deadly frenzies like


Developer: Aurona Technologies
Publisher: SCEE
Format: PlayStation®2



Stomping Damage : Hanuman Jumps high in the air, and brings down his mace on the ground, sending a shockwave outwards, which damages all nearby enemies.

Mighty Mace: Hanuman rotates his mace about him in a storm, and hits all enemies in a radius, dealing huge damage.

The Slam of the Gods: Hanuman slams his mace to the ground, sending an energy bolt outwards, and stunning enemies for three seconds.

Implosion : A ball of energy implodes from Hanuman, damaging everyone in a radius

The players ultimate objective is to ‘free’ the sun and kill as many Asuras as possible or to banish them back to the underworld. The main opponents in the in the game are:
Shirkasur-The evil force who has the power to control the five forces of nature

Thakshaka-The 3 headed Naga ,foremost and most powerful amongst the Nagas

Bhramarakshasa-The one capable of magical attacks, can shoot bolts of lightning towards the player

Mayusura-The greatest illusionist, creates multiple replicas of himself, thereby confusing the player