Buzz!™: Master Quiz

The world's favourite quiz show goes portable on PSP.

Thousands of questions on topics covering music, celebrities, TV, sport, science, nature, movies and general knowledge, all accessible on your PSP.

Buzz!: Master Quiz has been created especially for PSP, featuring six new rounds such as the speed-is-of-the-essence - Quickfire Challenge, the picture-puzzler - Picture This, and the mind-boggling - Virus Challenge.

On a single PSP you can play with up to six friends in Pass Around mode and, on top of the traditional quizzing, some rounds let you prey upon your opponent's weaknesses, letting you choose who to pass to based on the subject matter. In another great multiplayer mode, Quiz Host, you can even become a pretender to Buzz's throne and take charge of the game, selecting questions and awarding points as they see fit.

Multiple PSP systems can also be used; all you need is one copy of the game to play with up to four friends via Game Sharing. Buzz!: Master Quiz also offers a single player game with 15 different challenges designed to test all aspects of your general knowledge.

  • Enjoy multiplayer Buzz! with three new modes, all requiring either just one PSP or one copy of the game to enjoy
  • Test your knowledge in the extensive single player mode - are you up to Buzz's quiz challenges?
  • With over 3,000 questions, brought to life by hundreds of pictures and videos, there is something for everyone in Buzz!: Master Quiz


Buzz!™: Master Quiz

Developer: Relentless Software
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Puzzle
Format: PSP
Players: 1-6
Game Sharing: Yes
Infrastructure Mode: none
Players: UMD


Buzz! on the move

Buzz!: Master Quiz lets you take the hit PlayStation®quiz show on the road with your PSP.

Designed with portability in mind as well as sociability, Buzz! on PSP boasts three exciting multiplayer modes, plus new round types that will test and push your quiz skills to the max.

First off is Pass Around, a mode which only requires one PSP, pitting you and your friends against each other while passing Buzz! around. This mode, like all of Buzz!: Master Quiz, is packed with questions covering topics such as music, celebrities, TV, sport, science, nature, movies and general knowledge. On top of your traditional quiz format, Pass Around let's you pick on the weaknesses of your competitors. In certain rounds you get to choose who to pass your PSP to, based on knowing what subject matter is coming up next - so if you've got a friend who is slow at sport or diabolical at music you can play this to your advantage.

In contrast, the Quiz Host multiplayer mode lets one player shoulder the role of quiz master, selecting the questions and awarding points as they see fit.

The final social mode makes use of Game Sharing, which requires only one copy of the game, and allows multiple players to each use a PSP to participate. Fastest Finger lets you play with up to three others in a frantic and frenzied all-out test of speed to see who is quickest off the mark answering questions.

New round types feature heavily in Buzz!: Master Quiz and have been balanced specifically for quizzing on the move. These offer a range of gameplay from the Quickfire Challenge, where speed is of the essence, to the Snapshot Challenge, in which parts of a picture to be identified are revealed as you answer questions. Last, but by no means least, there is the sheer wicked cruelty of the Virus Challenge, where the points available and your score are constantly eaten away!

Last but certainly by no means least, Buzz!: Master Quiz offers a single player experience that will challenge casual quizzers as well as stretch quiz buffs and aficionados. In this mode you face 15 different quiz challenges designed to test and push all aspects of your knowledge and quiz playing skills. In each round you have the potential to earn medals - bronze, silver and gold, plus special trophies for speed and consistency, and progress depends on certain levels of knowledge being met. Portability is still a key factor and each challenge has been designed to last between one to five minutes.

All in all Buzz!: Master Quiz can stand proudly with its PlayStation®2 and PlayStation®3 brothers and sisters; it takes the fun quiz format of these games and, with the addition of new modes and rounds, lets it run free. It is the perfect way to share the fun of playing quizzes with friends or test your own skill while on the move.