ATV Offroad Fury™ Pro

Experience the toughest off-road challenge anytime, anywhere...

ATV Offroad Fury™ © 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by Climax Group Inc. ATV Offroad Fury is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. All rights reserved.

Experience the rush of pure adrenaline wherever you decide to race with ATV Offroad Fury Pro on PSP. ATVs, motocross bikes, buggies and trophy trucks come together in all-out off-road races across stunning environments.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro equips you to tackle 64 of the toughest off-road tracks with over 30 vehicles and the ability to upgrade these with new components and performance parts.

With eight heart-hammering events to test your mettle, you can forge your nerve before challenging friends to race on tracks of your own design.

  • Compatible with ATV Offroad Fury 4 on PlayStation®2
  • Take the wheel of over 30 customisable vehicles
  • Customise tracks to challenge your rivals via Ad Hoc Mode


ATV Offroad Fury™ Pro

Developer: Climax
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Racing
Format: PSP
Players: 1-2
Infrastructure Mode: none


Roads are for wimps

The mud-drenched ATV Offroad series screeches onto PSP.

When you start playing ATV Offroad Fury Pro for the first time, the amount of content the developer has managed to squeeze onto PSP is immediately impressive. With dozens of tracks, vehicles and game modes, every aspect of off-road racing is covered, making for a game that offers great variety and many hours of gameplay.

The single player campaign is split into ten sub-sections - Supercross, Rallycross, National, Freestyle, Circuit, Endurocross, Rally, Snowcross, Legends and Olympics - and each section contains events of varying difficulty, on different tracks and requiring use of a range of vehicles.

And this is a game with no shortage of transport; ATVs, bikes, buggies, trucks, rally cars and snowmobiles are all present with unique driving styles and events tailor-made to their strengths. ATVs and bikes are the lightest vehicles, offering rapid acceleration, tight cornering and huge air at the expense of stability and safety. Of the heavier vehicles, trucks are fast and the most powerful, but can struggle around tighter bends; buggies are agile and ideal for powersliding around slippery corners; and rally cars are well balanced all-rounders. Snowmobiles run on tracks and can only be used in the snow.

Events consist of four or five races against three opponents, with the overall winner decided by league table. Supercross and Circuit events take place on tight, twisting courses inside stadiums, and are open to light or heavy vehicles respectively. Trucks and buggies take to larger outdoor circuits in Rallycross events, and are joined by bikes and ATVs for a free-for-all in the National section.

Larger vehicles really come into their own in Rally events, which are point-to-point races through mud, sand and snow across locations from around the world. Conversely, ATVs and bikes are more at home in Freestyle events - timed contests in which players must search for targets, take to the air from ramps and nail tricks in exchange for points - and Endurocross, indoor races in which the track is littered with obstacles, such as log piles and water ditches.

Each event section offers great variety, thanks to the number of diverse tracks on offer - 64 in total - and the unique racing style demanded by each discipline. There are more than 30 vehicles across all sections, and each can be upgraded and tuned according to the event type.

Customisations and new vehicles are bought with credits earned through sponsorship, and there are dozens of sponsors to choose from, each offering credits based on performance. Some pay according to race position, while some are looking for stylish driving or tricks and some sponsors pay at higher rates than others. However, they all penalise for finishing last or driving badly, and the higher the potential reward the higher the penalty, so choosing a sponsor is an exercise in risk assessment.

Adding to an already comprehensive package is a host of mini-games, including Treasure Hunt and Ring of Fire; online races and community functions; and connectivity with ATV Offroad Fury 4 for PlayStation®2, not to mention an incredible soundtrack featuring 25 songs by DragonForce, Lost Prophets and many more.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro is an extremely impressive game, not only because there are so many modes, but because they are all so well balanced and equally enjoyable. It's a must have for off-road racing enthusiasts and ideal for anyone looking for a fun racing game they can play on the move.