Shadow of the Colossus

The creators of ICO make their long-awaited comeback with a unique story of colossal proportions.

Ever since ICO won the hearts of critics and gamers alike back in 2001, everyone has been eagerly anticipating the next title from the talented creative team behind it. The answer has finally stomped into view in the form of Shadow of the Colossus, a game that once again looks set to rewrite the gaming rulebook.

Lying at the core of its fantastical premise is a story about a hero who is desperately seeking to return the soul of young girl to her body, bringing her back to this world. The only way he's able to do this is to locate and defeat the 16 legendary Colossi - beasts of truly gargantuan proportions - that roam the land. Armed only with a sword, bow and arrow, and his trusty steed Agro, our hero must call upon all of his wits and cunning if he has any hope of succeeding.

  • From the creators of the critically acclaimed, multiple award-winning ICO

  • Find and hunt down 16 gargantuan Colossi unique in size and scale

  • Explore a seamlessly vast and beautifully realised environment


Shadow of the Colossus

Developer: SCEE
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: PlayStation®2
Players: 1