Secret Agent Clank

Join the coolest secret agent in the galaxy in an undercover espionage adventure.

Secret Agent Clank ©2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Secret Agent Clank is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. All rights reserved.

For the first time in the Ratchet & Clank series, our diminutive robotic hero Clank takes the lead - starring in his own hilarious game as the world's greatest undercover agent.

As Clank, you're hot on the trail of clues that will prove the innocence of Ratchet, who is jailed for a crime he didn't commit. With a super spy's collection of guns, gadgets and gizmos at your disposal can you free your best pal?

  • Unleash Clank's cutting edge array of weapons and gadgets, such as Cufflink Bombs, Tie-a-Rangs, Spy Sunglasses and the ever helpful Holo-Disguise Monocle
  • Launch into a variety of gameplay styles, from all-out action to cunning stealth and brain-busting puzzle solving
  • Drive state-of-the-art super spy vehicles including speedboats, snowboards and sports cars
  • Journey to space resorts, maximum-security prisons, intergalactic casinos and beyond



Secret Agent Clank

Developer: SCEA
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Adventure
Format: PSP
Players: 1
Media type UMD
Infrastructure Mode: none
Ad Hoc Mode: none


From sidekick to spy

The name is Clank, Secret Agent Clank and I'm here for PSP.


Suave, sophisticated and shiny, Ratchet's little robot pal, Clank, has applied a black and white tuxedo paint job to his chrome and metal body and tooled himself up to take on the lawless of the universe in this hilarious spy spoof on PSP.

With a touch of Ian Fleming and Austin Powers all rolled into one, the story opens with Clank embarking on a mission to protect the Eye of Infinity, the largest precious gemstone in the universe. Sneaking into the museum that houses this fabled jewel, Clank discovers he is too late and that the Eye has already been stolen. Fortunately he is just in time to witness the criminal's apprehension; unbelievably it is Clank's heroic partner, Ratchet, and the Eye is nowhere to be found!

With the gem gone and Ratchet on his way to the lock-up, Clank faces a race against time, which will see him travelling to all corners of the universe to recover the Eye and prove the innocence of his best buddy pal.

An action-adventure at heart, Secret Agent Clank challenges you to deal with a variety of tricky encounters, interspersed with contextual sequences, puzzle solving elements and side games featuring galactic heroes Ratchet and Captain Qwark.

In the playful action-adventure sequences, Clank is rewarded for using stealth and ingenuity to sneak past guards and potential dangers. Like any self respecting spy you can employ various gadgets and gizmos to aid you in your endeavours. From the Tie-A-Rang, with which you can disable foes and cut ropes, to the Blackout Pen used to squirt viscous black ink over CCTV cameras and beam projectors, Clank is kitted out to handle any situation.

Avoiding deadly beams, as you backflip and limbo through alarmed corridors or rooms is one example of the neat, rhythm action-like contextual sequences in Secret Agent Clank. Surviving a comedic and very deadly ballroom dance-off involving bot-eating plants, buzz saws and acid fountains with Iwana Lotabolts, one of the more alluring Robot villains, is another.

Puzzle elements come into play when picking electronic locks. Using a special key Clank is able to overcome most of the locks he encounters, each of which is composed of cylinders filled with different combinations of coloured blocks. To remove these and spring the lock you must match the corresponding coloured blocks produced by the key, dropping the correct ones into each cylinder.

Alongside these elements, Secret Agent Clank also boasts arena combat in the form of Ratchet taking on all comers, many of whom he put behind bars, and Captain Qwark defending the galaxy from a swathe of deadly, if impossible to believe, foes. 

Finally, what self respecting spy adventure would be complete without the most stylish vehicles and chase sequences? Certainly not Clank's, who commandeers snowboards, speedboats and sports cars in his quest to clear his friend's besmirched name. Packed full of drama, battling baddies at every turn, these elements provide a nice diversion between the chapters and showcase the different worlds Clank experiences in pursuit of the Eye.

Developer High Impact games has crammed a whole universe into this engaging spy spoof, one which you can explore from a variety of angles through an innovative range of gameplay that presents fresh challenges throughout.