Genji: Days of the Blade

Welcome to the next level in racing.

The year is 1187 and the scattered Heishi clan are gathering their forces. As their brutal warriors sack temples and villages - and rumours of their dark new powers spread - Genkuro Yoshitsune must draw his Genji samurai around him and begin the final battle to secure the survival of ancient Japan.

Exclusive to PlayStation®3, Genji: Days of the Blade is brought to you by Yoshiki Okamoto, the celebrated creative talent behind Street Fighter II, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. With a combination of stunning cinematic graphics, dazzlingly elegant swordplay and an epic story based on Japan's most enduring legend, this is a title set to define next-generation combat gaming.

You'll lead Yoshitsune and his men in massive battles against hundreds of warriors, as you strive to defeat the enemy warlord in epic battle sequences based on Japanese history. Beautifully detailed battlegrounds reflect the splendour of feudal Japan, from shimmering details of the great naval battle of Dannoura to monumental horseback encounters at Ichinotani, in one of the most immersive and epic gaming experiences ever created.

  • Swap between four playable characters, at any time – take advantage of each of the four characters’ unique fighting styles or unleash devastating team-based fighting combos by interchanging characters between attacks
  • Exquisite combat - Gracefully articulated swordplay captured by Mitsuhiko Seike, Japan's finest sword fighter, provides the heart and soul of intense authentic action
  • Over 15 hours of gameplay continuing the story of Yoshitsune and based on the historical battle between the Genji Clan and the Heishi Clan


Genji: Days of the Blade

Developer: Game Republic
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: PlayStation®3
Players: 1
Media type: Blu-ray


From history to legend

Taking its inspiration from one of Japan's most famous and enduring legends, Genji: Days of the Blade unfolds on PlayStation®3.

From the outset, any experience of Genji: Days of the Blade is dominated by the game's beautiful graphics. Developer Game Republic has built upon the art style introduced in their PlayStation®2 title, Genji - offering a game that blends history and otherworldly elements on PlayStation®3.

The environments are infused with life, especially outdoor settings which have an almost magical air that is captivating to behold. Lighting, water and fire effects add a depth of quality to every scene.

Equally, the main characters and adversaries, from facial design to decorative embellishments on armour and clothing, are testament to the amount of work that has gone into presentation. When performing signature manoeuvres in combat, these elements are highlighted, the world slowing to a dreamlike, ethereal crawl. In these moments Days of the Blade becomes a High Definition experience reminiscent of the art style of films like House of Flying Daggers and Hero.

Company of heroes

Genkuro Yoshitsune is once again joined by Benkei, both revered figures from Japanese folklore, in combating the resurgent horrors of the evil Heishi clan. Facing not only overwhelming numbers but foes who have struck a dark pact with Netherworld entities, these legendary names are joined by two new playable characters.

Forsaking her role as an Amahagane priestess, Shizuka has taken up arms against the Heishi. Agile and quick, she turns combat into a dance of death with her signature chained blades, a weapon which allows her to reel in enemies and launch herself into the fray or across chasms.

Buson is more of an enigma. Instantly familiar to fans of Genji on PS2, this heavily armoured warrior is far more than he seems.

Story, history and legend

Inspiration for Days of the Blade is drawn from a wealth of Japanese history and folklore. Genkuro Yoshitsune (1159-1189) is one of the most renowned Samurai commanders in Japanese history. During his life, he led the Genji clan in battle against the Heishi, who exerted almost universal power through control of the emperor.

Many legends are mixed in with the history, leading to Days of the Blade exhibiting many otherworldly elements from Netherworld possessed Heishi warriors to the giant crab.

In the latter, the spirits of fallen samurai at the Battle of Dan no Ura are believed to live in the crabs that inhabit those shores; their possession causes the human-like faces to appear in the patterning of their shells.

The strangest tale however surrounds the Battle of Koromogawa. Historically Yoshitsune, facing the end, committed suicide while his faithful follower Benkei held off the enemy, but in legend it is claimed he eluded his fate, escaping to Mongolia where he became Genghis Khan.

Dance of blades

Whatever the truth behind the historical and legendary background, one thing is constant - he was a skilled warrior - and this is reflected in Days of the Blade.

The dance of battle is spectacular, the level of control letting you choreograph moves against dozens of foes at once. Scything, slashing, flipping and blocking, you switch from enemy to enemy as a whirling dervish of twin blades.

The ability to change weapons, real time, in the midst of the fray expands your repertoire of potential attacks dramatically. Combining this with switching characters lets you pick the right tool for the job and employ a variety of tactics.

Against tougher opponents the Amahagane - mystical jewels which grant their bearer a superhuman power called Kamui - come to the fore. In the mystical space created by Kamui you will avoid enemy attacks while being able to unleash a devastating chain of blows upon your foes.

Rise of a dynasty

Game Republic has created a visually stunning launch title for PlayStation®3, showcasing the difference between PlayStation®2 and the next generation of gaming.

The fast paced, Hong Kong-action style of gameplay, seemingly inspired by recent movies, is in harmony with these gorgeous visuals. Challenging and highly accessible Genji: Days of the Blade is an enjoyable blend of the historical and fantastical.