Destruction Derby: Arenas

The wrecking racer that smashed onto PS one has finally spawned a next-gen sequel that's bigger, brasher and can even take you online.

Throughout three explosive PS one titles, Destruction Derby strapped you into powerful cars and encouraged you to dash and smash your way to the chequered flag. At long last, the PS2 offspring rumbles out of the pits and as well as being a highly polished, purring powerhouse of stock-car action, you can take on the world thanks to the online multiplayer option. Race to the finish or smash the opposition to pieces, but whichever you choose you can kiss goodbye to your No Claims Bonus.

DDA takes the low-riding, high-speed action of the American NASCAR series and shakes it up completely. Why have a sleep-inducing oval track when you can challenge a looping, ramp-packed track inside a working iron foundry? Why have a standard stock car when you can have a gaudy, hi-octane racer with bull-bars and rear-mounted jets? And why have a dull driver like Cole 'Tom Cruise' Trickle when you can assume the persona of a schizophrenic Japanese berserker or curvaceous English heiress? If it's a choice between grey realism and larger-then-life mayhem, DDA always drives in the lane marked 'madness'.

Offline, DDA offers three fender-bending modes. The Championship is the main career mode where you take your chosen petroleum pilot from obscurity to the number one spot of the DD sport and Wrecking Racing is a one-off quick race for one or two players (split-screen). Returning from previous DD games the bowl arenas throw any idea of racing out of the passenger window in favour of full-on auto-annihilation.

Taking the game out across the electronic ether via a PS2 Network Adaptor and a broadband connection, you can share the pain with 19 other death-dealing drivers. The quick-fix race of Wrecking Racing and vehicular violence of Destruction Bowl return for online play as well as three exclusive game modes. For those of you who want to recreate the pure racing thrills of Days of Thunder, the Speedway mode rewards drivers for their position past the chequered flag. You can still smash into your opponents, but the damage to your car and unpredictability of hi-speed collisions may strip you of an all-important podium position. Capture the Trophy mode challenges you to grab and hold onto the trophy - keep it long enough and you'll win, but you're unlikely to survive that long. On the flip side, you have Pass the Bomb, where the last thing you want to do is hold on to it for too long. You'd better ram someone soon to pass on your explosive gift.

Whether you're online or offline Road Traffic Accidents have never been so much fun. With 13 tracks, 5 Bowls and 20 drivers to choose from and challenge the Destruction Derby phenomenon is back with a vengeance. The world of racing games better check its rear-view mirror because DDA is coming up fast... spiked bull-bars at the ready.


  • Fast and furious online or offline auto-madness

  • Up to 20 player motor-mayhem online

  • 17 insane courses to blaze through

  • 20 deadly drivers each with detailed backgrounds and on-going stories

  • Lobby chat via the USB headset


Destruction Derby: Arenas

Developer: Studio 33
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Racing
Format: PlayStation®2
Players: 1-2