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50 mm F1.2 "standard" G Master prime lens

With breath-taking G Master resolution and bokeh plus outstanding AF performance in a remarkably compact, lightweight design, the first 50‑mm F1.2 lens in the α line-up is an excellent choice for day-to-day applications. Whether you're shooting stills or movies, this lens can take your creativity and expression to new heights.
Image of exterior wall of building with ivy and other plants

Image-wide sharpness from F1.2

Resolution and contrast are outstanding throughout the aperture range—right up to F1.2. Three XA (extreme aspherical) lens elements in an advanced optical path subdue overall aberration, and other advanced optical technologies minimise chromatic aberration in a lens that is surprisingly compact and lightweight.


Image of a person holding a camera with the FE 50‑mm F1.2 GM lens attached

Compact mobility means creative freedom

Large-aperture lenses are often large and heavy. The FE 50 mm F1.2 GM is only 3.5 x 4.38" (87 x 108 mm) and weighs just 27.5 oz (778 g). State-of-the-art optics plus Sony's amazing XD Linear Motors and mechanical design come together in a convenient, mobile lens for any shooting situation.

Smooth, refined G Master bokeh

Three XA (extreme aspherical) elements with 0.01-micron surface precision, plus painstaking spherical aberration control at the design and manufacturing stages, contribute to gorgeous G Master bokeh that can really make portrait and other subjects stand out, especially at the lens' maximum F1.2 aperture.


High-resolution image of a forest setting at sunset

Nano AR Coating II ensures clear images in backlit scenes

Sony Nano AR Coating II helps to achieve clear, well defined images even in strong sunlight and backlighting. This advanced coating is evenly applied to entire element surfaces, effectively minimising internal reflections so that flare and ghosting do not occur.


Circular bokeh example image of a female model posing on a bridge at night

Bokeh-enhancing 11-blade circular aperture

A new 11-blade circular aperture mechanism contributes to beautiful bokeh. Circular highlights are exquisitely rendered too—further enhancing the widely acclaimed beauty of G Master bokeh. Out-of-focus backgrounds are smoother and more pleasing in just about any situation and lighting.


Example image of close-up fruit

Close-ups with stunning bokeh

0.4 metre (1.32 ft) minimum focus and 0.17x maximum magnification deliver extra close-up flexibility for both stills and movies. XA (extreme aspherical) lens elements and a floating focus mechanism make it possible to achieve pinpoint sharpness while taking advantage of creamy F1.2 background bokeh at any focusing distance.


Image of focus ring

Natural, linear manual focus response

Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control when focusing manually. Focus ring rotation translates directly to a corresponding change in focus, so control feels immediate and precise when shooting stills or movies. Linear Response MF enhances manual focus control for both stills and movies.


Image of the XD Linear Motor actuators in the lens

XD Linear Motors achieve fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking

Fast, accurate focus is assured even with shallow F1.2 depth of field. Four XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors deliver high thrust to position the large, heavy focus groups for precision AF and tracking. High resolution is maintained at all focusing distances with the full AF speed and precision of E-mount bodies—for both stills and movies.


Image of focus hold buttons

Customisable focus hold button and more for advanced control

Focus hold buttons located on the top and side of the lens can be assigned to a number of other functions via a camera body menu, providing direct access to functions that are vital to the user's personal workflow, including right/left eye selection for Eye AF on bodies that support that feature.


Image of on/off switch

Aperture ring with click on/off switch

An aperture ring is also provided for direct, intuitive aperture control. A handy switch allows the aperture ring click stops to be turned off for quiet movie shooting.


Image of on/off switch

Dust and moisture resistant design

A dust- and moisture-resistant design0 provides the reliability needed for outdoor use in challenging conditions.


Image of fluorine coating

Fluorine front-element coating

The front lens element features a fluorine coating that repels water, oil and other contaminants, while making it easier to wipe off any contaminants or fingerprints that do become attached to the lens surface.