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Perform a Force Factory Reset on Android TV™ or Google TV™ (if the TV has one or three buttons)

    Performing a forced Factory data reset will remove all customized settings in the TV including downloaded apps, systems data, channels, and wireless network settings. For some models listed below, if you perform a forced Factory data reset, then the Demo data for retail will be erased from internal storage. 

    • 2020 models: A8H, X80H, X85H, X90H, X91H, X95H (49/85), X95H (55/65/75), Z8H, Z9H series
    • 2019 models: Z9G, A9G, X85G (55/65/75/85), X95G series
    • 2018 models: A9F, Z9F series

    This article can be used to perform a forced Factory data reset in situations when you can't perform a normal factory data reset, such as:

    • when the software crashes after a firmware update.
    • when the screen of the normal factory data reset doesn't open for some reason.

    WARNING: The Forced Factory data reset will clear all of your customized settings including the parental lock setting and followings.

    • Google Account 
    • System & Applications data
    • Downloaded Applications
    • Channels
    • Wireless network settings

    Before you start

    • A forced Factory data reset can only be done if the TV has been upgraded to Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow or later.
    • This procedure may require two people.
    • If you can access the TV menu, perform a Factory data reset instead.
    • Depending on which TV model you have, the location of the buttons will vary.
    • Some of application's data might be recovered if Apps synced with your Google account. 
      • Android 9, Android 10:
        HOME — Settings — Device Preferences or Accounts & Sign-In Google — Choose synced apps — select items which sync with account — Sync now
      • Android 7.0, Android 8.0:
        HOME — Settings — Google — Choose synced apps in Sync — select items which sync with account — Sync now
      • Android 6.0:
        HOME — Settings — Personal — Google — Choose synced apps in Sync — select items which sync with account — Sync now

    Follow these steps to perform a force Factory data reset.
    First, determine the number of buttons on your TV:

    Image for the TV button types

    1. Only one button on the TV: The (Power) Image button is located on the bottom center or left side of the TV when viewed from the front.
    2. Three buttons on the TV: The buttons are located on either right or left of the TV.

    If you can't find the buttons on the TV, refer to the TV manuals.

     Type A: Your TV model has only one button

    Type B: Your TV model has three buttons