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How to search for new SmartWatch 3 software?

    You can update the SmartWatch 3 software wirelessly, or by using the Xperia™ Companion application on a computer.

    To check for new software wirelessly 

    1. Make sure that your SmartWatch 3 is connected to the phone or tablet.
    2. Phone or tablet: Make sure that your connected phone or tablet is connected to the internet.
    3. SmartWatch 3: Make sure that the screen is active, and then press and hold down the power key until the app menu appears.
    4. Find and tap Settings.
    5. Find and tap About System updates. Your SmartWatch 3 will now check for updates.
    6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    To check for new software using a computer

    1. Computer: If it is not already installed, download and install the Xperia™ Companion application from
    2. Open the Xperia™ Companion application.
    3. Under Manage your Xperia, click Software update.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions, but do not connect your SmartWatch 3 to the computer until you're told to in the Xperia™ Companion window.