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How to output recorded songs as WAV files?

    Output recorded songs as WAV files

    Please refer to the steps below:

    1. For the method of recording songs from external devices, please click here to view the solution.
    2. Click Output and click WAV File.
    3. Click the Verify Output Contents tab and check through the songs to be output as WAV files.
    4. Click the Output Settings tab and perform the following settings:

    A. Output to text box
    To change the destination folder of the WAV files, click Browse and change the destination accordingly.

    B. Register to Play List of SonicStage option
    Select this option and a song will be registered to the play list when it is written.

    C. Change Sampling Rate at the time of output option
    Select this option to change the sampling bit number and the sampling frequency or use the SBM function to write songs.
    16 or 24 bits can be selected from Sampling bit number menu. Select 16 bit if using the SBM function.
    Depending on the types of software, songs written with 24 sampling bits cannot be read using SonicStage Mastering Studio.
    It is recommended to play back the song with SonicStage instead.
    Selection of 44100/48000/96000 Hz are available from the Sampling Frequency menu.
    Select 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz if using the SBM function.

    D. Use SBM/Super Bit Mapping option
    Select this option and the SBM function is used.
    Note: This function cannot be used if a song is not recorded with 24 sampling bits.
    5. Click Start Output and the writing of songs starts.
    6. Click OK when writing completes.