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What file formats of songs can be checked out?

    File formats of songs that can be checked out

    Songs can be checked out without converting the format and format conversion for checkout may vary depending on the target devices and media.

    Songs that can be checked out:
    a. OpenMG (ATRAC3) format
    b. OpenMG (ATRAC3plus) format

    The following formats need to be converted to OpenMG (ATRAC3) or OpenMG (ATRAC3plus) format before they can be checked out.
    a. MP3 format
    b. WAV format
    c. WMT format

    * For some songs in MP3 and WMT formats, check-out may be done without format conversion depending on the target devices and media. For more information, please refer to the instruction manuals of the device and media.
    * When playing back songs using SonicStage without checking out, the format need not be converted.