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What should be do when there is a hardware installation failure?

    What should be do when there is a hardware installation failure?

    When a hardware instalation failure is encountered, try the following procedure.

    A. Reset default values of the BIOS

    * Procedure
    1. Start the computer.
    2. Press F2 key when the Sony logo appears. This will enter into the BIOS settings.
    3. Press F9 to load the default configuration.
    4. Select Yes and press Enter
    5. Press F10 to save the configuration.
    6. Press Enter to exit.

    B. Check the Device Manager if there is any conflicts with any of the hardwares.

    * Procedure
    1. Click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel and click Device Manager.
    2. Have a look over all the items listed in the device manager and check if there is any conflicts among the hardwares.
    3. Inspect the properties for the device you've just installed, and pay particular attention to the Resources tab.
    If that dialog box lists a resource conflict, use the Conflict troubleshooter to find a cure. If you don't see a conflict listed, you may still be able to convince Windows to adjust settings, such as removing the check mark from the box that says Use Automatic Settings, then restart.
    4. Try removing the device from Device Manager. After that, swtich off the computer and physically remove the device as well. After that, restart the system and repeat the installation again. When removing devices, look for related devices that may be confusing the Plug and Play
    If this does not solve the problem contact the manufacturer of the Device.