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How to perform System Recovery using the supplied VAIO Recovery CD?

    Perform System Recovery using the supplied VAIO Recovery CD

    Note: Performing System Recovery will remove all data on the hard disk. Users are recommended to back up all data to other media.

    Note: Please ensure that all the supplied VAIO Recovery CD are available and the computer must be connected to a power source through the AC Adaptor.

    1. Restart the computer using VAIO Recovery CD Disc 1.
    Alternatively, during the power up, at the VAIO Logo screen, press the ESC key. In the Boot Menu, use the direction keys to select CD-ROM Drive and press ENTER.

    2. If VAIO Recovery CD Disc 1 of other VAIO models is inserted, a warning message will appear and the recovery process will be terminated. .

    3. After the computer is started from the VAIO Recovery CD Disc1, the Introduction page of Product Recovery CD-ROM Restore Utility will be displayed. To continue with the recovery process, press any key.

    4. In the Main Menu, there are four options to choose from. .

    If Option 1 is selected, users can recover only C: drive. .

    If Option 2 is selected, users can change the partition of the hard disk to the required size. .
    If any option is selected, the option will be displayed and has to be confirmed by the user. .

    If Option 3 is selected, the hard disk will configure to the original shipped state. .

    If Option 4 is selected, users will exit from the recovery mode. .

    5. When the recovery process starts, users are required to follow the instruction on the screen and will be required to insert other VAIO Recovery CDs to complete the entire System Recovery.