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What should the user do when the VAIO computer cannot be start with the Recovery CD?

    The VAIO computer cannot be started with the Recovery CD.

    To resolve this symptom, turn off the computer after inserting the Recovery CD into the CD-ROM drive. Then, turn on the computer again.

    Alternatively, please check the following when the VAIO computer does not start when the Recovery CD is inserted:
    - There is possibility that the boot sequence of the device has been changed. Please reset the value in BIOS to the default values.

    - The PC card CD-ROM drive may not be connected securely to the VAIO computer. Please remove and reconnect the PC card CD-ROM drive.

    - If other peripherals are connected to the VAIO computer, disconnect these peripherals except the CD-ROM drive.

    Use only the supported CD drive that is recommended by Sony. For more details, please visit the VAIO online website.