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Why does Recovery Console not accept correct password?

    Windows prompted for the administrator's password when trying to start Recovery Console. When the correct password has been entered, Recovery Console may display password not valid error message.

    To resolve this symptom, start Recovery Console from a Windows® XP startup disk with the steps below.

    1. Create a startup disk from Windows® XP.
    2. Insert the startup disk in the floppy disk drive and turn on the computer.
    3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
    4. When the message To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R. appears, press R on the keyboard.
    5. When the message Which Windows installation would your like to log onto? appears, press 1 and press Enter.
    6. When prompted for the administrator password, enter the password (if password is set) and press Enter. Otherwise, just press Enter.

    * Note
    Administrator's Password can be changed in the Safe mode.

    For models launched in 2002 or later which has Q308402_WXP_SP1_x86_ENU in i386 folder:
    After installing Recovery Console, execute Q308402_WXP_SP1_x86_ENU in i386.