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Why can't a hard disk that is converted to dynamic volume be recovered using the Recovery CD-ROM?

    Err Msg: Error occurred while creating partitions.

    The same symptom occurs when the system is being upgraded to Windows® XP Professional using the Windows® XP upgrade version software or Sony's Windows® XP Upgrade Kit.

    The Recovery CD-ROM supplied with Windows® XP Professional preinstalled in VAIO computers does not support the dynamic disk.

    The default of VAIO computers is the basic disk. Conversion to the dynamic volume disk should be studied carefully, considering the environment where the computer is to be used, before the execution of conversion.

    The dynamic disk provides flexibility in volume management and possesses the functions that the basic disk does not have. However, it has the following limitations:

    1. User can hardly restore it to a basic disk.
    2. It is inaccessible from some OS.
    3. It is not supported on the notebook computers.

    Carrying out the following procedure can avoid this symptom. However, it may erase all kinds of data on the hard disk drive. If possible, back up all data first.

    Please follow the steps below to recover the system after the conversion of the disk to the dynamic volume.

    A. For Windows® XP Professional pre-installed computers

    Windows® XP Professional Utilities: Start Recovery Console from the floppy boot disk.

    1. Create a startup disk from Windows® XP.
    2. Insert the startup disk in the floppy disk drive and turn on the computer.
    3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
    4. When the message To repair a Windows® XP installation using Recovery Console, press R. appears, press R on the keyboard.
    5. When the message Which Windows® installation would your like to log onto? appears, press 1 and press Enter.
    6. When prompted for the administrator password, enter the password if password is set and press Enter. Otherwise, press Enter if the password is not yet set.
    * Administrator's Password can be changed in the Safe mode.

    User must start the recovery console from the boot disk.
    Partitions to which the system is installed cannot be edited on the recovery console started from Windows®.

    After the recovery console is started, please follow the steps below to delete the partitions configured on the dynamic disk.

    1. Type DISKPART and press ENTER.
    2. Select the partitions configured on the dynamic disk and press D.
    3. Press ENTER to confirm the deletion.
    4. Press ENTER again to confirm the deletion.
    5. Press L.
    6. Press ESC to finish the DISKPART command.
    7. When the prompt window of the recovery console appears again, type EXIT to restart the system.

    Do not forget to remove the floppy disk when restarting the system.
    The system will restart and carry out the recovery processes at the same time.

    B. For upgraded Windows® XP using the upgrade version

    Try to delete partitions using the CD-ROM of the upgrade version. For more details, please contact Microsoft.

    If user deletes partitions on the dynamic disk using Windows® XP Setup, the disk returns to a basic disk.

    For more information, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft's technical support website.
    Article ID: Q283421
    Title: Error Message About Partition Appears When You Install Windows® XP to a Dynamic Volume