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What should I take note when Easy CD Creator Standard Ver.4.* and Windows Media Player 7 are installed?

    What should I take note when installing Windows Media Player to a VAIO computer with Easy CD Creator Standard Ver.4.* installed?

    Currently (as of July 20, 2000), Microsoft offers the downloading of "Windows Media Player 7". If it is downloaded to VAIO computers where "Easy CD Creator Standard Ver.4.*" is installed, the following symptom is detected by Microsoft.

    Article ID: Q2970
    Last Reviewed: June 12, 2001
    Title: Easy CD Creator May Not Work with Windows Media Player 7

    We are investigating the above issue as a problem of "Windows Media Player 7". However, it becomes necessary sometimes to execute recovery of the system if "Windows Media Player 7" is installed to the VAIO computer containing "Easy CD Creator Standard Ver.4.*".

    We would not recommend you to install "Windows Media Player 7" if you are using "Easy CD Creator Standard Ver.4.*" on your computer. If it becomes necessary to upgrade "Easy CD Creator Standard Ver.4.01" to "Ver.4.02" after the installation of "Windows Media Player 7", carry out the recovery first, and then upgrade the software.

    As for details of the procedure to resolve the symptom, please wait for Microsoft's technical support information.