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How can I copy a CD using the [Easy CD Creator] software?

    How can I copy a CD using the [Easy CD Creator] software?

    You are allowed to copy a CD only when the CD is created by yourself or its copying is permitted by the copyright holder.

    Easy CD Creator provides you with a measure to copy a CD, about which you have copyright or which copyright holder allows you to copy. Unless you own copyright or have obtained the copying approval from its copyright holder, copying may constitute the infringement of the copyright law, which may cause you liabilities for compensating conceivable damages. You should consult the legal office for advice when you are unsure about your right.

    1. Click [Start] -> [Programs] -> [Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4] -> [Features] -> [CD Copier].

    2. The [Welcome to Adaptec Easy CD Creator] window will sometimes appear. If it does, click [OK].

    3. The [CD Copier] window appears.

    4. Insert a source CD into the CD-R/RW drive. (If the [System Scan] window appears right after the insertion of the CD, wait for a while.)

    5. Check if the contents of the source CD are displayed in [Contents] of the [Source] box and click [Copy].

    6. The [CD Creation Process] window appears and the contents of the source CD are recorded to a hard disk drive.

    7. When the contents have been recorded to the hard disk drive, the [Check Media] dialog box appears. The message "Please insert a blank CD into the CD-Recorder" is displayed and the disc tray is automatically ejected.

    8. Remove the source CD and insert a destination CD-R/RW into the CD-R/RW drive (There is no need to click on the window).

    9. If the destination disc is a CD-RW, the [Warning Compatibility] dialog box appears. Click [OK] to continue.

    10. The writing of the data begins.

    11. When the writing has been completed, the [CD created successfully] message appears. Click [OK].

    12. Click [Close] on the [CD Copier] window.