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[Windows Vista] About On-Screen Keyboard

[Windows Vista] About On-Screen Keyboard

    On-Screen Keyboard is a fictitious image of a keyboard displayed on the screen, which is a program that can help the disadvantage users to input data. It is also convenient for users who are not used to typing.
    On-Screen keyboard can input data in the following three typing modes:

    ・Click to select ...  Click the button in the area of On-Screen Keyboard to input words.

    ・Hover to select...  According to the previously set time, put the mouse and other input facilities in the area of On-Screen Keyboard, it will input words automatically.

    ・Joystick or key to select...   Use input devices like Hot key or Switch to choose continuously scanned button in the area of On-Screen Keyboard, and input words.

    1.Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories-> Easy of Access Center and On-Screen Keyboard to display the area of On-Screen Keyboard.

    2. Click Settings and click Typing Mode.

    3. When the Typing Mode window appears, choose any typing mode.

    Choose any of the following for the settings according to the input mode preferred.

    o Click to select
    Click button in the area of On-Screen Keyboard to input words. 

    o Hover to select
    Put the cursor on the button in the area of Screen keyboard according to previously set time, and it will input words by itself.
    Click Minimum time until input to adjust the minimum time period.

    o Joystick or key to select
    It can self-display to emphasize the keyboard area of Screen keyboard.After the target key displays, click the key, or use switch input device to input words. Click Scan interval, and set the interval time for screen keyboard scanning. 

    4. Click the OK button.