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[Windows Vista] New functions since Internet Explorer 7.0

[Windows Vista] New functions since Internet Explorer 7.0

    New functions since Internet Explorer 7.0

    The best design

    The new design is to make the menu items merge and shorten the icons,at the same time reduce the total height of the toolbar. It will display tabbed websites to reach the best effect.

    Favorites Center

    If you use the newest equipment Favorites Center  to browse and record the collected web pages,  only a few clicks can  carry on a very  convenient management of RSS Feed.

    Tab Browsing

    When you carry on Web searching, comparing prices, or simply want to take out the Favorites information, you can browse different web pages at the same time. All web pages can be assembled in one window to illustrate open WebPages.


    In Internet Explorer 7.0,you can use collected internet search providers.
    If you use the inserted search bar, you can search web pages at any time without opening the provider’s page.
    In order to use the independent tabs to express the searched results, we open different results in different tabs .We can then compare different web sites rapidly to get the needed information.
    You can set default search provider and customize the individual searches.

    RSS Feed

    You only need to pay attention to web addresses and titles, and then the latest news and the renewed information will be sent to your Favorites Center. In web pages like Report Organization and so on, they can provide RSS Feed and RSS service. In the prepared RSS Feed pages, you can read the latest news, recent discounted freight, results on sports and so on. This can also provide information in time according to the reader’s daily needs, or the reader can choose to download the related contents.


    It provides a safety guarantee to customers’ informs the customer through warnings of being Fishing’s pages. 
    Although the Fishing web site looks like a formal web site, it is actually designed for the purpose of getting personal information. 
    Internet Explorer 7can easily identify the web sites and can carry on safe data exchanges, so we can carry on shopping and banking online.