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Why is the signal sound "pipo" produced at the startup of my computer (PCG-XR**)?

    I'm not using a PC card with my PCG-XR**. But, my machine makes a kind of signal sound "pipo" at the startup as if it contains a PC card in it. Why is that so?

    PCG-XR series computers produce a signal sound "pipo" when they recognize, on OS, the availability of the drive (floppy disk drive and CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive) connected to the multi-purpose bay.

    The sound is produced not only when a drive of the multi-purpose bay is replaced with another using the [PowerPanel] function during the operation of the computer but also when the system starts or returns from the power saving mode.

    * It takes about 30 seconds from the start of the recognition process of a drive to the production of the "pipo" sound. During these 30 seconds, I cannot access the drive.

    The "pipo" sound does not appear in the following situation.

    - When [Enable Sound for device snapping] is disabled on the [PowerPanel] menu
    - When utility programs unique to a VAIO computer such as [PowerPanel] are uninstalled on [Add/Remove Programs]
    - When stay-resident programs (e.g. [PowerPanel]) unique to a VAIO computer are disabled using [System Configuration Utility] (msconfig.exe)
    - When OS supports the removal of hardware (Windows 2000 or newer Windows pre-installed models)

    * When it is a floppy disk drive that is connected to the multi-purpose bay, this "pipo" sound is not produced sometimes.

    You may refer to the following procedure to replace drives connected to the multi-purpose bay while the computer is in operation.

    * Remove disk media (CD-ROM, floppy disk, etc.) prior to replacing a drive on the running computer. If you try to replace the drive in the state that OS recognizes the disk medium, the system may hang sometimes.

    - In the case of Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows Me pre-installed model
    - In the case of Windows 2000 pre-installed model

    # In the case of Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows Me pre-installed model

    1) Click the [Remove multi-purpose bay device] icon in the [Power Management] tool bar
    * Or, Right-click the [PowerPanel] icon in the task bar and click the [Remove multi-purpose bay device] menu.

    2) Wait for the message "You may safely remove or replace the device in the multi-purpose bay now. Please press OK after removing or replacing the device." to appear in the [Device Swapping] dialog box (it usually takes about 15 seconds) before carrying out steps (3) and (4), without clicking the [OK] button.

    3) With your left hand at the bottom of your computer, lift the side facing toward you slightly and remove the drive while pulling the lock lever of the multi-purpose bay with your right hand.

    4) Connect the drive that you want to use to the bay securely until you hear a click sound.

    5) Click [OK] in the [Drive Swapping] dialog box and wait until the drive is recognized by the system (it usually takes about 30 seconds).