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Why doesn't my computer produce any sound after downloading an item with Internet Explorer 5.0?

    Why doesn't my computer produce sound to notify the completion of downloading after I have downloaded an item through the Internet? The selected sound is also not produced sometimes for the event which navigation has been completed.

    To resolve the symptom, refer to the procedures below (for Windows 98):


    1. Click [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Sound].

    2. Click [Complete Navigation] on the [Events] box and click [.wav file] from the [Schemes] box. Click [OK].

    * When you select a sound for events where navigation is completed, this sound will sometimes be reproduced whenever a new webpage is opened with Internet Explorer.

    The symptom of the selected sound not reproducing sometimes for the event where navigation is completed has been corrected in Internet Explorer 5.01.

    Kindly refer to the support technical information of Microsoft.
    Article ID: Q236784
    Title: No sound After Download is complete in Internet Explorer 5