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Why can't some items from My Favorites in Internet Explorer be deleted?

    Some items could not be deleted from My Favorites in Internet Explorer even after Windows restarts.

    This symptom occurs when user browses a particular Web page, a program might be installed, and the program registers itself to My Favorites.
    To avoid this symptom, if user does not need the program, uninstall or release it from the memory-resident state with the steps below.

    1. From Add and Remove Programs, delete the program.
    2. Check the memory-resident programs.
    If the program is not required, delete it with the steps below for the respective Operating System environment:

    For Windows® 98, Windows® 98SE, Windows® ME and Windows® XP
    1. Click Start and then click Run.
    2. In the Open text box, type msconfig and click OK.
    3. In the System Utility window, click the Start up tab.
    * For Windows® XP, in the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Startup tab.
    4. Uncheck the checkbox of the relevant program item.
    5. Locate the file from unselected checkbox, and delete it.

    For Windows® 2000
    Identify the location of the program with Administrative Tools and delete it.

    1. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.
    2. Double-click Administrative Tools and Computer management.
    3. Double-click System Information -> Software Environment -> Startup Programs.
    4. In the Command item, check if an unknown program is registered to C:WINNT/system32.
    5. Delete the file accordingly.