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What do I check when I can not write to CD-R media ?

    What do I check when I can not write to CD-R media ?

    Please check below items:

    1) Is the CD-ROM drive recognized correctly ?
    2) Are you inserting the CD-ROM correctly to the CD-ROM drive ?
    3) Check whether CD-R is dirty or not ?
    4) Is the writing speed is set to the appropriate rate ?
    5) Have you tried all CD-R ?
    6) Do you close/finish all the background applications when you perform recording of CD ?
    7) Have you disabled screen saver ?
    8) Have you disabled stay-resident programs ?
    9) Do you accidentally give a shock to PC during recording of CD ?
    10) Have you used other CD-writer software to format the CD ?
    11) When you format with other writing software, is it always successful ?
    12) Have you installed any other non-bundled CD-writer software ?

    * Additional Information
    Unable to copy an audio CD using CD Copier.

    The capacity of the drive that saves the data temporarily may be insufficient. Check the free space of the drive and reserve it if possible. (The data is to be temporarily saved to the C drive under the default settings.)