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How to write data to a CD-R/RW media?

    Writing data to a CD-R/RW media.

    Note: Copying of data is only allowed when the data is created by the user or when the user is authorized by the copyright holder to copy the material. If the user does not own the copyright or yet to obtained the approval, the copyright law may be infringed and the user may be liable for the compensation for the losses resulting from such infringement. Please consult a legal party if unsure about copyrights issue.

    It has been verified that copying files or folders containing specific characters in their names may cause the names to be erased. The standard writing function of Windows® XP allows the user to copy data of size up to 650MB. Any data larger than 650MB cannot be copied unless a CD-R/RW media with capacity larger than 650MB is used.

    Please follow the steps to copy data to a CD-R/RW media:
    1. Insert a CD-R/RW media into the CD-R/RW drive.

    2. Right-click the files or folders that are to be copied and point to Send To. Then click DVD/CD-RW Drive.

    3. Double-click the CD-R/RW drive icon.

    * To use the CD writing function of Windows® XP, complete the copying of the file before writing the data.
    4. Click Write these files to CD.

    5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    * To rename the CD, enter a given name in the CD Name text box.

    6. When the process is completed, the CD-R/RW media is ejected. Then click Finish.