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What to do if the Hard Disk Password is lost?

    Losing Hard Disk Password.


    Hard Disk Password provides tighter security for the data in the hard disk. Once the password is set up, no other users will be able to access the data without entering the password. The hard disk cannot be accessible even if it's removed from the VAIO computer and installed into another one. 

    If users forget the Hard Disk password, please contact the support center for help.


    • Fingerprint authentication can bypass the power-on password and Hard Disk password if it is registered.
    • Caps Lock & Num Lock keys work in Hard Disk Password function
    • Recovery Utility cannot be started with F10 key before entering the Hard Disk Password

    Users are allowed to try entering the password 3 times afterwhich the System Disabled message will appear. Users can retry after pressing the Power button more than 4 seconds to shut down.