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How do I Initialize the hard disk and reconfigure the computer?

    How do I initialize (format) the hard disk and reconfigure the computer when the hard disk drive was accidentally formatted?

    Use the System Recovery CD-ROM supplied with the computer and reconfigure it.

    Initializing the hard disk drive with the System Recovery CD-ROM restores the factory default settings. See the Instruction Manual supplied with the computer on how to use the System Recovery CD-ROM.

    Perform the procedure below to configure your computer. The procedure will show you how to initialize the hard disk drive and setup your computer. Note that performing this procedure removes all information from the hard disk drive.

    1) Back up the necessary data to the floppy disk.
    2) Use the System Recovery CD-ROM to reconfigure your computer. (Refer to the Instruction Manual.)
    3) After reconfiguring the computer with the System Recovery CD-ROM, install other data you think you need e.g. applications.