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Information about extended battery for VPCSA2/B1/B2 Series

Information about extended battery for VPCSA2/B1/B2 Series

    • How to charge the extended battery?

      There are two ways of charging the extended battery:

      • It is automatically charged when connected to the computer.
      • It can be charged by itself without attaching to the computer and by using the supplied battery adaptor and AC adapter. Please refer to the illustration below.
    • What is the charging and discharging mechanism of the extended battery?

      During charging, the primary battery is charged first and then next is the extended battery. When discharging (battery is in use), the Extended battery is consumed first and the primary battery is saved. Please refer to the illustration below for charging and discharging sequence of the batteries.

    • Is it required to turn off the computer before connecting the extended battery?

      The extended battery can be connected or disconnected even when the power is ON because the computer is turned on by the primary battery.

    • Is the extended battery supported by the Battery Care Function?

      Extended battery is supported by the Battery Care Function. When Battery Care Function is enabled, extended battery is automatically supported.
      In the VAIO Control Center application, the extended battery charging performance is displayed.

    • How to view the status of extended battery?

      The percentage status of the extended battery can be seen in Taskbar -> Notification area -> Power.
      To access:

      1. Click the notification arrow in the taskbar.
      2. Click the Power icon.
      3. The status of both primary and extended batteries are displayed.