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Is it possible to start the VAIO computer without opening the LCD panel?

    Is it possible to start the VAIO computer without opening the LCD panel?
    I want to use my notebook computer by connecting an external monitor, a keyboard and a mouse to its port replicator. How do I turn on the computer and start the OS while keeping the LCD panel (the lid of the computer) closed?

    Some machines are usable in that manner if the programmable power key is used.

    This function is available in some models among PCG-505 and PCG-C1 series where the power management of APM and the program enabling the programmable power key PPK Setup exists.
    This function will not be available if the program of the programmable power key (PPK Setup) has become inoperative or disabled due to the change in OS.

    VAIO computers such as PCG-Z505 series and PCG-N505 series adopting the power management of APC1 and their later models, and PCG-C1XN and later versions do not have the function of starting OS while the LCD panel is closed.

    * Procedure
    1. Double-click on the icon containing the letter P in the task tray on the lower right corner of the screen to display the PPK Setup dialog box.

    2. Click Enable/Disable tab and unselect the option Enable PPK even if LCD Panel is closed in the Settings of Programmable Power Key-function.

    3. Click OK.

    * Remarks
    It will be helpful for you if you set applications you frequently use to PPK on the Register applications tab after completing the above settings.
    The default of PPK Setup has been set to start Readme. If it is not necessary, click Assign functions and unselect the option Assign programmable power keys.
    In order to prevent the computer from moving into the suspend mode when you open/close the LCD panel, you need to set When lid closed to LCD Off.