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Why can't SonicStage for VAIO or SonicStage Premium be started when logged on to the system as a restricted user?

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Err Msg: Only Administrator and Power User group members may operate this program. Please contact your administrator or please use this program as an administrator user on Windows® XP Home Edition.

This symptom occurs due to the specifications of SonicStage for VAIO.
To avoid this symptom, log on to the system as a user with Administrator privileges.

SonicStage for VAIO can be started with the steps below when user logs on to the system as a restricted user.

* This procedure is applicable for SonicStage Ver.1.5.
Note: Menus and/or descriptions may differ for other versions.
1. Click Start, point to All Programs and point to SonicStage.
2. Right-click SonicStage and click Run as.
3. Click The following user.
4. Cllick User with computer administrator privileges and then click OK.

When a password is set to the user with Administrator privileges, enter the password and click OK.