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How to setup and enroll a fingerprint using the UPEK Protector Suite QL fingerprint software?

Setting up and enroll a fingerprint using the UPEK Protector Suite QL fingerprint software.

    NOTE: Not all computers have a biometric fingerprint sensor. To determine if your computer has a biometric fingerprint sensor, check the computer specifications.

    1. Click the Start button and then click All Programs.
    2. In the All Programs menu, click Protector Suite QL and then click User Enrollment.
    3. In the Fingerprint Logon window, click the Yes button.
    4. In the Enter Password window, in the Password: textbox, type your desired password.
    5. In the Retype password: textbox, type the same password and then click the OK button.
    IMPORTANT: The password entered will be used to logon to the operating system. Do not forget or lose this password because you will be unable to logon to the operating system without it.

    6. In the User Enrollment window, click the Next button.
    7. In the User's Password window, in the Enter your password: textbox, type the password previously created and then click the Next button.
    8. In the Enrollment Hints window, verify the Run interactive tutorial check box is checked and then click the Next button.
    9. In the Fingerprint Tutorial window, read the suggestions and click the Next button.
    10. In the Scanning Practice window, follow the instructions to practice swiping your fingerprint and then click the Next button.
    11. In the Enrollment window, click to select the box above the finger you would like to enroll. 

    12. When the Swipe finger window appears, swipe the finger you selected three times until the images are accepted by the software.
    NOTE: You may enroll multiple fingerprints and it is recommended to do so.

    13. When you are finished enrolling fingerprints, click the Next button.
    14. In the Finalization window, click the Finish button.